Exfoliate and Brighten
RENEW™ - Skin Lightening Cream - Exfoliate and Brighten™ Ten concentrated lightening & brightening ingredients of natural or organic origin, plus boosting agents, reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage, acne, & hormonal changes. Lightens & brightens while strengthening skin's ability to prevent future damage. Doubles as a moisturizer. Is a safe alternative to toxic products made with hydroquinone. Safe for sensitive skin on the face, neck, neckline, and around the eyes.

Key actives: Renovage®, kojic acid, bearberry, mulberry, licorice, emblica fruit extract, rumex occidentalis, Seamollient® (algae), whitening peptides, Songyi mushrooms from Japan, Oxynex® (perfect proportions of Vit. C and E), glycyrrhiza glabra root

Size (volume): 30 ml/1.0 fl.oz. (airless pump)
SKU#: A19056

What this is for

Lifts Discoloration and Brown Spots. For Sun Damaged / Congested Skin

Advanced Home Spa System: Step 1: cleanser. Step 2: toner. Optional Step 3: serum and/or corrective product. Step 4: moisturizer. Step 5: sun block. Use scrub and mask 2 or 3 times a week.
Price: $86.00

Key Ingredients
Triple action: wrinkles, redness, and daily micro lesions caused by pollution get reduced significantly as proven in a clinical study of 24 volunteers with a mean age of 58 over 6 months. Pigmentation spots were lessened by 56%, firmness increased by 35%, and redness and sensitivity decreased by 45%. Natural and safe alternative to hydroquinone
Powerful natural skin lightening and anti-melasma properties; effective for inhibiting melanin production (tyrosinase inhibitor,) the cause of hyperpigmentation. Unlike regular kojic acid, kojic acid dipalmitate remains stable and does not oxidize
Kojic Acid Dipalmitate, 
Natural sugarbased ingredient; pulls water by osmosis from the air to help hydrate skin
Very effective natural lightening ingredient with tissue repair properties; increases the cell turnover rate and it is an excellent antioxidant. Has the bacteriostatic action that work against Staphylococci, the staph responsible for the MRSA superbug in addition to the other benefits for the skin
Arctostaphylos Uvaursi Extract (Bearberry), 
Soothing and skin lightening with properties similar to kojic acid
Morus Alba Leaf Extract (Mulberry), 
Natural lightening agent from the licorice plant
Natural lightening agent; has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
Phyllanthus Emblica Fruit Extract, 
Is a Glycosaminoglycan polymer that occupies space in the cellular matrix in between skin cells. Hydrates the epidermis through the day; brings comfort, and healthy plump skin for 14+ hours
Na Hyaluronate (Botanical Hyaluronic Acid from Mushrooms) [PHYTOCARE HA 1.5], 
Soothing and skin lightening with properties similar to kojic acid; Rumex Occidentalis, a plant extract, helps to promote tyrosinase inhibition to reduce unwanted brownred pigment and brighten skin tone
Rumex Occidentalis Extract, 
Hydrating; binds moisture in epidermis. Gives an immediate "Face Lift" effect: skin tightening, and a sustained silkysmooth feel enhancement
Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan/Blend of Algae Extract) [Seamollient], 
Blocks the production of melanin in the melanosomes (cells producing the brown pigment melanin,) lightening the overall skin color as well as reducing sun spots/sun damage, melasma, and marks caused by old acne scars
Dextran & Nonapeptide1, 
Antioxidant; protects skin cell membranes from free radical damage. Natural preservative for the product
Tocopherol (Vitamin E), 
Antiaging; whitening and brightening
Leukocyte Extract, 
Compound made of the perfect proportions of vitamins C and E; delivers powerful antioxidants cell protection
Tocopherol and Ascorbyl Palmitate and Ascorbic Acid and Citric Acid [Oxynex K], 
Lightening agent from the Songyi Mushroom from Japan; this medicinal plant is known for its support of the immune system and skin brightening properties
Mushroom Extract (Tricholoma Matsutake Singer) Enzymes, 
Botanical Lightening Agent; works in synergy with other skin lightening ingredients
Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract, 

Other Ingredients
Glyceryl Stearate, 
Natural Humectant
Texture Modifier
Hexyl Laurate, 
Sugarbased ingredient; pulls water by osmosis from the air to help hydrate skin
Stearic Acid, 
Delivery system; encapsulation of active ingredients
Copolymer (liposomes), 
Natural Emulsifier
Cetyl Alcohol (Coconut Fatty Acid), 
Natural Fatty Acid Emulsifier
Sorbitan Stearate, 
Natural Emulsifier
Polysorbate 60, 
Safe & Natural Preservative from Plants
Caprylyl Glycol & Ethylhexyl Glycerin & Hexylene Glycol, 
Hydrating; rich in vitamin E
Triticum Vulgare (Organic Wheat) Germ Extract, 
Magnesium Silicate, 
Natural Thickener
Xanthan Gum, 
Hydrating and rich in vitamins
Wheat Germamidopropyldimonium Hydroxypropyl Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, 
Natural organic fragrance from essential oils
Citrus Sinensis (Sweet Orange) Oil, 
Natural organic fragrance from essential oils
Cymbopogon Flexuosus (Lemongrass) Oil , 
Natural organic fragrance from essential oils
Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Peel Oil
Never go to bed without it Review by Kimberly
I would NEVER go to bed without this cream! It has worked miracles to even and lighten my sun damaged skin, including the larger brown spots I never expected any cream could fix. I used to bake in the sun. Furthermore, it hydrates my skin and improves the look of wrinkles, they are basically disappearing! I have tried so many hydrating creams to use before bed and they either felt like I was putting buttercream frosting on my face or I would wake up with extremely dry skin. The skin lightening cream refreshes my skin every night and has kept it looking so young. Those positive results made me trust ATZEN even more, and I now also use their cleanser, toner, serum, eye and lip cream, sun block, and body and hand emulsion. This works much better than mixing with other lines. I wish I had known that years ago. And one stop shopping makes my live easier! (Posted on 7/20/17)
cleared out patches on my face Review by Amina
I decided to try out the lightening cream and serum vita c together and i was glad with the results,it cleared out patches i had on my face and lightened my face,neck and hands it also help clear out my dark knuckles on my hands. (Posted on 12/26/12)
Pass my test! Review by Melissa
I am a professional who likes to test products on myself before I work with them on my clients. I had a bit of hyperpigmentation leftover from last summer on my forehead and cheeks so for a month I only used this lightener on one half of my face. I had so many people pick out which side I was using the ATZEN lightener on and everyone picked the right one immediately. It absolutely works and it was wonderfully hydrating. The trick was catching my other side up. I use the new ATZEN Sunblock 29, Natural Protection Face and Eyes SPF29, daily to maintain my even skin tone now! (Posted on 4/30/12)
Decreased lines around my eyes Review by Sheryl
The Renew Eye Serum has decreased the lines around my eyes, made my eyelashes much healthier and the little white pockets under my eyes are going away. (Posted on 3/11/12)
All shine, no slime Review by Andrea
I recently received the Skin Lightening cream, and wanted to let you know how delighted I am with it. I like the skin to have a radiance and vitality to it without feeling greasy. This does it beautifully. It goes on light, is quickly absorbed, looks and feels lovely while giving my skin the youthful glow that I want. All shine, no slime, it's wonderful.
(Posted on 8/26/11)
Love this! Review by Karine
I use this product after my toner and serum every night, I love the smell of lemongrass, orange and grapefruit. Its airless pump packaging makes it easier to use and eliminates the chance of oxidation. After a month of continuous use, I notice my skin is more smooth and brighter - probably would've been even brighter if I didn't spend so much time out in the sun. Definitely a product I'd recommend, and continue to worship. (Posted on 8/10/11)
Press pump once or twice. Massage on face, neck, neckline, and hands until absorbed.

Advanced Home Spa System: Step 1: cleanser. Step 2: toner. Optional Step 3: serum and/or corrective product. Step 4: moisturizer. Step 5: sun block. Use scrub and mask 2 or 3 times a week.
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Price: $99.00

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