Little known fact about Catherine Atzen and her issue with Grade 4 Acne


If you look at Catherine Atzen today, you would never know she used to suffer from severe acne. She has beautiful, healthy, and flawless skin. In this week’s segment, we asked Catherine what inspired her to create the PURIFY line and she shared a fact few people know about her.

Catherine suffered from acne and dry skin from the age of 13. [Aside: The severity of acne is graded on a scale of 1 to 4 with 4 being the most severe. This acne often combines all types of acne lesion: black heads, white heads, pus-filled pimples, inflammation, and painful cysts.] She has researched and developed true solutions to control acne and avoid all side effects associated with acne. Today her skin is flawless; anyone who meets her comments on her beautiful and healthy skin, and she does not have a need to wear foundation. She developed the ATZEN PURIFY line for all the people suffering from acne. The products are natural, safe, and non-irritating and deliver results fast.

Most mass-market or over the counter products such as the ones found in drugstores, on-line/TV such as ProActiv, as well as most products found in spas and beauty stores are made with benzoyl peroxide, sodium laureth sulfate, and other inexpensive petrochemicals. Benzoyl peroxide causes free radicals, cancer cell, dryness and aging. Sodium laureth sulfate, a petrochemical-based cleansing ingredient, causes dryness and cancer cell. For people who are currently using these products, it’s not too late to stop. Use the PURIFY line of products over a few weeks and they will begin to eliminate the side effects caused by these products.

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7 Causes of Adult Acne

Recently, we received a number of emails regarding adult acne. I sat down with Catherine Atzen, founder of ATZEN, a leading provider of natural, safe, and effective skin care, and got her take on adult acne.

Q: What are the causes of adult acne?

A: 7 Causes of Adult Acne

  • drying and irritating skin care products or make up
  • pore-clogging skin care products or make up
  • not washing the skin (with appropriate cleanser) morning and night, and after sports/sweating
  • diet: high sugar, fried foods, synthetics/chemicals/processed foods, intolerance to certain foods (gluten, chemicals etc.), high levels of free radicals
  • stress (causes hormonal changes)
  • poor life-style habits such as lack of sleep
  • acne medications tend to dry and age the skin

Q: Three of the factors according to Ms. Atzen were skin care products related. What can people do about adult acne from a products perspective?

Well, people can actually do quite a bit. Many skin care products on the market contain many toxic ingredients. They irritate and dry the skin. The same goes for makeup but we are not in that market. We have a line of products (PURIFY) to treat acne whether they are adult acne or teenage acne. The products are hydrating, soothing, non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores), and non-irritating to the skin. So they are perfect for people with sensitive skin. The results are incredible!

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Ingredient Lab: Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate

We all know Vitamin C is essential in our diet but it’s also great for our skin. There are many Vitamin C skin care products on the market but not all Vitamin Cs are the same as many products either don’t deliver the Vitamin C inside the skin cells where they become effective or they irritate the skin resulting insensitivity, redness, itching, and dryness. Some products use the term primarily as a marketing gimmick with concentrations so low as to do barely anything positive for the skin. So users need to be careful and know the difference when it comes to any Vitamin C products.

Let’s look at the difference between Ascorbic Acid and Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate. Ascorbic Acid is commonly found in many skin care products and that’s what many people typically know. Ascorbic Acid is less effective because it is water-soluble and not oil-soluble, tends to dry the skin and irritate it, and is not bio-available. It is also unstable and oxidizes (turns yellow or brown, and loses all its anti-oxidant properties), and can cause severe reactions for people with sensitive skin.

While Ascorbic Acid can be an irritant, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate (the new generation of Vitamin C found in ATZEN’s Vita C Serum) is gentle, safe and stable and delivers a powerful antioxidant. Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is 50 times more effective than Ascorbic Acid in delivering Vitamin C to the skin. Furthermore, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate has been shown to increase collagen regeneration and lightens hyper pigmentation by reducing melanin synthesis.

Here is how Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate works:

It time-releases skin brightening & lightening action while hydrating & nourishing sun damaged skin. It delivers antioxidant protection to the skin cells; it acts as a pore-clearing agent for acne-prone skin, and other problem skin conditions. This vitamin C is far superior to other vitamin C because it is oil soluble and not water-soluble as most other brands’ vitamin C products are; because it is oil-soluble, this vitamin C can cross the skin’s cell membrane and work directly inside the cell to improve skin functions, skin repair; it improves the skin’s condition fast (water-soluble vitamin C cannot cross the skin cells’ lipid membrane because oil and water do not mix. Therefore water-soluble vitamin C is not able to deliver as good results as ATZEN’s water-soluble vitamin C). It is also bio-available, which means that the skin recognizes it as if it was its own, and accepts it completely.

Side by side comparison:

Sodium Ascorbyl PhosphateAscorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
Lipid(oil) soluble and able to penetrate the lipid-based skin membrane (50 times more effective )Water soluble and therefore unable to penetrate the lipid-based skin membrane
Is bio-available; the skin recognizes it as if it was its own, and accepts it completely Stays on the surface of the skin where it doesn't do much
Stable, hydrating, and non-irritating and can be used with sensitive and dry skin; gives a healthy translucent skinIrritant and can cause dryness, dry patches, red bumps and diffuse redness

More about ATZEN Vita C Serum
vita c serum

ATZEN Vita C Serum is formulated for sensitive skin and is very hydrating to dry/dehydrated skin because our Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate is blended with Actiglide® (made with glycosaminoglycans), Fucogel® (made with biosaccharide gum that hydrates over 14 hours), and the newest and best hyaluronic acid on the market (from Japanese mushrooms).


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Model Harleth Kuusik secret skin care tips



Model Harleth Kuusick shares her skin care tips. With beautiful blonde hair and glowing skin that most of us can only dream about.

Drink lots of water and I moisturize my face.

Now you can have that beautiful, healthy, glowing skin too. Use the ATZEN Protective Day Cream ($79) during the day and Night Recovery Cream ($95) at night.

Both products are part of ATZEN’s Age Reverse line made with natural and superior to organic ingredients. The Protective Day Cream is the perfect moisturizer and protects the skin from pollutants while the Night Recovery Cream is the ultimate when it comes to moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin while the body is at rest.

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Want that perfect glow like Sarah Hyland?

Sarah HylandWant that perfect glow like Sarah Hyland, the gorgeous Modern Family star? Well, the perfect, red carpet ready complexion starts with cleansing our faces well. Every day, besides our own bodily secretions, we are bombarded with all types of pollution. This can make our skin look old, dull, worn out, not to mention cause unsightly breakouts. Yuk!

There is a solution. Use the ATZEN Cleansing Gel ($35). This cleanser is great for the removal of light makeup and junk from the skin and keeps acne away. Who can disagree with that?. For those who wear heavy makeup, I recommend using the ATZEN Cleansing Milk ($45 for the larger size and $22 for the travel size) instead. For those who are acne prone, after the Cleansing Milk, use the Cleansing Gel. The Cleansing Gel has special ingredients to keep the skin acne free. The great thing about these two cleansers is that they are both natural and friendly to the environment. There you have it with our quick tips on how you can get that perfect glow.

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PURIFY Clear Serum

If you suffer from acne, enlarged pores or post-acne scars you need a product that will target all three problems. ATZEN’s Clear Serum uses key ingredients to naturally combat the damage acne causes to skin.

I personally suffer from bad post-acne scars that I’m always trying to treat and can never put them to a stop. Once my skin gets a new breakout, my skin immediately scars. I’ve tried a number of spot treatments, but none seem to end my battle. I’ve been using Clear Serum for about two weeks now and the results are already noticeable. Not only have my scars faded, but I’m getting less breakouts and less scaring. I also noticed my skin tends to be less oily now.

I can’t wait to try new items from this line to increase the clarity in my skin. I plan to try PURIFY Toner to apply after cleansing and before the serum. Depending on your skin type, most toners helps enhance the results of moisturizers and treatments used after cleansing; but ATZEN’s PURIFY Toner will help put acne to rest.

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Who wants breakouts? No one. Dealing with breakouts in your mid 20’s can be frustrating and hard to get rid of. Excessive sweat after a work out or certain products you may be using can be inviting more pimples to your skin. Finding out the reason behind your breakouts can be tough, but finding the right product to treat them shouldn’t be. If you suffer from acne, acne scars or enlarged pores treat your skin with ATZEN’s PURIFY- Clear Serum– Calm and Clear. This treatment focuses on preventing more acne damage to the skin’s surface and also treating the visible post acne damage. Key active ingredient INTACT DNA™ helps control and repair acne.

Some people think using masks or scrubs is a luxury for the skin. Using a mask weekly will help deep clean into pores and target bacteria hidden under the skin. Try ATZEN’s PURIFY- Clear Mask– Calm and Clear to correct oily & sensitive skin problems. Also, pair it up with PURIFY- Clear Scrub– Calm and Clear to wash away dead skin cells and safely brighten up the skin. This product can be used weekly to prevent clogging and breakouts.

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be an option, and with ATZEN’s products it’s naturally easy to do so.

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Don’t Put Away Your Sunscreen Just Yet

Say bye-bye to summer and hello to fall. Seasons have changed so your skin care products should too. As the temperature starts to cool down, winds start to blow and the sun tends to hide. Don’t let these weather changes fool you. Even though the sun isn’t beaming on your skin, the rays are still out to get you. Sun damage is still in full force during the fall, so make sure to incorporate SPF daily in your skin care routine. ATZEN’s BALANCE™ line has a variety of products that will hydrate, protect, and repair your skin from sun damage. Brighten dull skin by using BALANCE™ – Bio-Active Complex SPF15 – Age Reverse Safely™ moisturizer. Feel revived by quenching your skin in all natural, non-comedogenic ingredients.

Get in the habit of treating your skin to a mask a few times a week to maintain a healthy, luminous look. Using BALANCE™ – Soothing Mask – Age Reverse Safely™ will undo the fatigue signs in your skin in just 7 minutes. It also hydrates your skin and reduces pores with natural ingredients aloe, green tea, jojoba and avocado extracts.

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Miss Los Angeles Adriana Michelle Raving about ATZEN


ATZEN is always appreciative of people who take the time to share with us their experiences with our products. Miss Los Angeles 2013 Adriana Michelle recently shared her experience with the Purify Line and how it changed her life by controlling her acne issues. You can see her entire review at Check it out!  Thanks Adriana.

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