Model Harleth Kuusik secret skin care tips



Model Harleth Kuusick shares her skin care tips. With beautiful blonde hair and glowing skin that most of us can only dream about.

Drink lots of water and I moisturize my face.

Now you can have that beautiful, healthy, glowing skin too. Use the ATZEN Protective Day Cream ($79) during the day and Night Recovery Cream ($95) at night.

Both products are part of ATZEN’s Age Reverse line made with natural and superior to organic ingredients. The Protective Day Cream is the perfect moisturizer and protects the skin from pollutants while the Night Recovery Cream is the ultimate when it comes to moisturizing and rejuvenating the skin while the body is at rest.

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Want that perfect glow like Sarah Hyland?

Sarah HylandWant that perfect glow like Sarah Hyland, the gorgeous Modern Family star? Well, the perfect, red carpet ready complexion starts with cleansing our faces well. Every day, besides our own bodily secretions, we are bombarded with all types of pollution. This can make our skin look old, dull, worn out, not to mention cause unsightly breakouts. Yuk!

There is a solution. Use the ATZEN Cleansing Gel ($35). This cleanser is great for the removal of light makeup and junk from the skin and keeps acne away. Who can disagree with that?. For those who wear heavy makeup, I recommend using the ATZEN Cleansing Milk ($45 for the larger size and $22 for the travel size) instead. For those who are acne prone, after the Cleansing Milk, use the Cleansing Gel. The Cleansing Gel has special ingredients to keep the skin acne free. The great thing about these two cleansers is that they are both natural and friendly to the environment. There you have it with our quick tips on how you can get that perfect glow.

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PURIFY Clear Serum

If you suffer from acne, enlarged pores or post-acne scars you need a product that will target all three problems. ATZEN’s Clear Serum uses key ingredients to naturally combat the damage acne causes to skin.

I personally suffer from bad post-acne scars that I’m always trying to treat and can never put them to a stop. Once my skin gets a new breakout, my skin immediately scars. I’ve tried a number of spot treatments, but none seem to end my battle. I’ve been using Clear Serum for about two weeks now and the results are already noticeable. Not only have my scars faded, but I’m getting less breakouts and less scaring. I also noticed my skin tends to be less oily now.

I can’t wait to try new items from this line to increase the clarity in my skin. I plan to try PURIFY Toner to apply after cleansing and before the serum. Depending on your skin type, most toners helps enhance the results of moisturizers and treatments used after cleansing; but ATZEN’s PURIFY Toner will help put acne to rest.

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Who wants breakouts? No one. Dealing with breakouts in your mid 20′s can be frustrating and hard to get rid of. Excessive sweat after a work out or certain products you may be using can be inviting more pimples to your skin. Finding out the reason behind your breakouts can be tough, but finding the right product to treat them shouldn’t be. If you suffer from acne, acne scars or enlarged pores treat your skin with ATZEN’s PURIFY- Clear Serum- Calm and Clear. This treatment focuses on preventing more acne damage to the skin’s surface and also treating the visible post acne damage. Key active ingredient INTACT DNA™ helps control and repair acne.

Some people think using masks or scrubs is a luxury for the skin. Using a mask weekly will help deep clean into pores and target bacteria hidden under the skin. Try ATZEN’s PURIFY- Clear Mask- Calm and Clear to correct oily & sensitive skin problems. Also, pair it up with PURIFY- Clear Scrub- Calm and Clear to wash away dead skin cells and safely brighten up the skin. This product can be used weekly to prevent clogging and breakouts.

Taking care of your skin shouldn’t be an option, and with ATZEN’s products it’s naturally easy to do so.

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Don’t Put Away Your Sunscreen Just Yet

Say bye-bye to summer and hello to fall. Seasons have changed so your skin care products should too. As the temperature starts to cool down, winds start to blow and the sun tends to hide. Don’t let these weather changes fool you. Even though the sun isn’t beaming on your skin, the rays are still out to get you. Sun damage is still in full force during the fall, so make sure to incorporate SPF daily in your skin care routine. ATZEN’s BALANCE™ line has a variety of products that will hydrate, protect, and repair your skin from sun damage. Brighten dull skin by using BALANCE™ – Bio-Active Complex SPF15 – Age Reverse Safely™ moisturizer. Feel revived by quenching your skin in all natural, non-comedogenic ingredients.

Get in the habit of treating your skin to a mask a few times a week to maintain a healthy, luminous look. Using BALANCE™ – Soothing Mask – Age Reverse Safely™ will undo the fatigue signs in your skin in just 7 minutes. It also hydrates your skin and reduces pores with natural ingredients aloe, green tea, jojoba and avocado extracts.

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Miss Los Angeles Adriana Michelle Raving about ATZEN


ATZEN is always appreciative of people who take the time to share with us their experiences with our products. Miss Los Angeles 2013 Adriana Michelle recently shared her experience with the Purify Line and how it changed her life by controlling her acne issues. You can see her entire review at Check it out!  Thanks Adriana.

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Must Know About Sunscreen To Keep Your Family Safe

sun rays

Summer is just around the corner, and that means afternoons at the beach, midday picnics and epic bike rides. But all that time in the sun can do serious damage to your skin.

When it comes to sunscreen, many consumers end up confused and overwhelmed when they survey all the options at their local drug store. One new report, seen first on CBS News, highlight some of the best options, correct some common misconceptions, and look at why promising new products have never made it to the U.S. market.

Consumer Reports conducted a survey of 1,000 adults in the U.S. to see if they know the ABCs of SPF — which stands for Sunburn Protection Factor, the level of protection offered against UVB rays. UVB radiation causes sunburn, while UVA rays penetrate deeper and contribute to skin aging and wrinkling. Both have been tied to skin cancer risk.

The survey uncovered a number of common myths and misunderstandings about sunscreen.

About half of those who bought kids’ sunscreens said they thought it was “safer” and “gentler” than other formulas. But Consumer Reports say the FDA doesn’t make a distinction between kids’ and adults’ sunscreens, which generally contain the same active ingredients. ATZEN sun protection products do not distinguish between kids’ sunscreens and adult sunscreens. Our products are simply “safer” and “gentler” on the skin.

The survey also found that 29 percent of people using sunscreen waited until they were in the sun to slather it on. But in order to get full protection, sunscreen needs to be applied 15 to 30 minutes before sun exposure, and then should be reapplied every two hours.

Experts say it takes about one ounce of sunscreen, or about two tablespoonfuls, to cover your face and body. Most people only use half that much, so they don’t get full protection.

It’s important to note that from the test Consumer Reports conducted, only 10% of the products out there actually provided the level of SPF protection promised on their labels after being immersed in water. ATZEN’s SPF level has been tested to be water resistant for a full 80 minutes and maintained its advertised SPF level. It also notes that twice the SPF does not equal twice the protection. Even a relatively low SPF 15 is enough to shield your skin from 93 percent of UVB rays, the report says, while SPF 30 guards against 97 percent.

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CNN Missed the Point When It Comes to SPF

This morning CNN had a scoop on sunscreens informing the public that the SPF listed on products sold in drugstores and department stores was not necessarily as high as claimed. In fact they had 20 products tested and only 2 tested as high an SPF as printed on the product. This does not come as a surprise to me; I suspect most products sold are older formulas not tested under the new FDA monogram that has more stringent standards: Therefore they may claim inflated SPF numbers to drive sales.

In my opinion CNN failed to address an even more important fact: The type of sunscreen/active used matters more than the SPF number. They did not differentiate between chemical sunscreens that have a shorter range of UV protection, from Zinc and titanium dioxide that have a broad range of UV protection.

I further researched CNN’s reports on line and am shocked to see CNN “likes” products with SPFs of 15 to 45+ with as little as 3.8% titanium dioxide and no other sun screen! (FYI Titanium dioxide should always be combined with zinc because zinc has a wider range/broad spectrum UV protection). As an example: ATZEN’s Bio-Active Complex SPF 15 has 12% of the highest quality zinc oxide; it is a 2 in 1 product that serves as an “Age-Reverse” ultra-hydrating facial moisturizer for daily use. CNN got one thing right: The new trend is 2 in 1 products like ATZEN’s SPF15 already mentioned and the Age Reverse complex SPF45. Click on the links at the bottom of this article to learn more.

I found an excellent explanation on “Mineral vs. Chemical Sunscreens – A Comparison”; source:
Here it is:
- Chemical sunscreens work by absorbing UV rays before they hit the skin. Studies show that chemical actives have proven to penetrate the skin in large amounts and penetrate into the bloodstream. These chemicals may disrupt the body’s hormonal system causing strong estrogenic actions that may result in serious problems in sexual development and adult sexual function, and may further increase cancer risks. Mineral sunscreens [zinc oxide and titanium dioxide] sit on top of the skin reflecting and scattering UV rays without penetrating healthy skin
- Mineral actives (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide) provide the most effective and stable broad spectrum UVA and UVB protection. Only a few chemicals block UVA rays – concerning since UVA rays also cause long-term skin damage, premature aging and potential cancer. Mineral actives provide the best UVA protection
- Chemical actives produce free radicals that react with other molecules and produce damage to the fats, proteins, and DNA of the cells – the types of damage that produce skin aging and the development of cancer
- Chemical actives have questionable stability; some break down in the sun
- Mineral actives are stable in sunlight

For more information on ATZEN’s 2 in 1 SPF15 and SPF 45 sun screens and “Age-Reverse” moisturizers go to:

ATZEN: Superior to Organic™ Skin Care combining organic plants & vitamins with safe “high tech” ingredients that work¬, and are free of petrochemicals.

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Better Circulation Reduces Swelling and Dark Circles Around Your Eyes

Eye and Lip Emulsion

Eye and Lip Emulsion

Did you know that better circulation reduces swelling and dark circles around your eyes?

When you sleep blood and lymph circulation slow down; waste, toxins, and excess fluids accumulate all around the eyes causing puffiness and dark shadows under or all around your eyes. This condition is worsened by things such as consuming a heavy meal or junk food before you go to sleep, sleeping without a pillow or on a pillow that’s too flat, fatigue, jet-lag, eye products that are occlusive (clog pores) or are made of petrochemicals (their toxins accumulate in your skin, and your lymph and blood systems have an extra burden cleansing your skin off those polluters. Alpha Glucosyl Hesperidin is a highly soluble and bio-available bio-flavonoid that addresses those conditions FAST; it stimulates surface circulation and improves skin tone and color; lessens dark circles and swelling around the eyes showing improvement in 10 or 15 minutes, with significant correction in just a few hours. The skin changes are cumulative, day after day. This is one of the unique ingredients in the ATZEN Eye & Lip Emulsion product # A19051. Did I forget to mention, it lightens hormone-caused pigmentation and sun damage around the lips too.

A good friend of mine, Randy a Hollywood producer, told me this morning that he keeps his Eye & Lip Emulsion on his desk to re-apply it through the day; members of his team keep coming to him asking to use some around their eyes. Our warehouse is shipping two cartons of it to his office tomorrow for Randy to “spread the love”.

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